I have officially lost track of what day it is. I think it is a wednesday.

So, today we went by bus to visit the local school, Tomas de Berlanga. Everyone is so friendly! The kids are so cute and just come up to you to say Ola!

We then met a group of students and had a discussion about how different our lives are compared to theirs. It was really interesting to learn what they like to do etc..

We had our lunch and then took a bus ride to another tortoise reserve with some of thew local school children we met. We saw how they have tagged some of the tortoises to see how far they can travel.

When we got back to the hotel, me and Eleri decided that the weather was too nice to stay in, so we went for a swim in the pool. The water was so warm and lush!

Had a really good day today. Very tired now.

Forgot to mention, I fell over on the runway at Galapagos airport. Didn’t hurt at the time and it was really funny. Hurts now.

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Oh well.. no pain no gain?