Ola 🙂

Today has been great! First we had breakfast in our new hotel, Villa Laguna, close to shops, pool, it is heavan,.

We walked to the pier and got on a speed boat to travel to the island of Floreana. The journey lasted 2 hours which is a pretty long time to be on a boat. Felt a bit sea sick to begin with but was fine afterwards 🙂

After we got off the boat, we arrived to find sea lions, marine iguanas and pelicans (we were practically tripping over them!)

We then took a bus ride up to Santa Cruz highlands to visit the giant tortoise reserve. They are literally the size of a coffee table and I was literally centimetres away from it!

Our guide then took us to the pirate caves and back down through the highlands on a very very very very bumpy truck. It was a bone shaker.

We went to lunch at a local restaurant and had the crispy potato starter chicken, rice and vegetables and then a dessert.

We then got our wetsuits, snorkel, mask and flippers on and went snorkelling from our boat. There were stingrays and turtles swimming beneath us and the water was crystal clear and warm. My flipper came off at one point so i had to return to the boat.

We then headed back to Santa Cruz after a very long day. I fell asleep on Jess’s shoulder and didn’t even feel sea sick!

We went to our new restaurant, del y mar, at 7pm and had fish (again) , but it was very nice 🙂 We had sprite which is the first sugary drink/thing that we have had since being here! It was lush!

We walked past some really nice shops on the way back to our hotel so tomorrow night when we go to dinner, we are going to buy some gifts!

Off to play cards (chase the ace) now

buenos noches

p.s Thanks nan and gramp for all the messages, we appreciate it!