18:39 Quito

Hola Everybody,

Slept really well last night (probably something to do with not having slept for 22 hours).

We went down for breakfast at 8:00 and had some toast, with what I think was raspberry jam, and some freshly squeezed orange juice (which was very tasty).  The breakfast room has a courtyard with flowers and we were very lucky to see a hummingbird by one (but was too slow to take a photo).

After we’d eaten we spent the morning with Jonathan Green, who gave us some very useful tips on how to capture the wildlife on the islands and told us how to improve some of our own photographs! (Thank You!)

We then met our tour guide, Edison, who took us for lunch at Pims, which had the most amazing view over Quito, in the Highlands.  It was right in front of The Virgin Quito Statue.

I had fried corn dumplings stuffed with cheese and a salad to start, an Ecuadorian lamb stew with rice, sweet plantain, potato and salad for mains and fried dumplings with passion fruit sauce cream and strawberries. The meal was really yummy! And very filling.

After, we went into the old part of town and where Quito was first established at Independent Square which is the site of a memorial statue dedicated to the people who fought for Ecuador’s impendence in 1809. The Presidential Palace is located on the square and we had our photo taken with the guards who cannot smile or move like the guards outside Buckingham Palace.

The Church of the society of Jesus has the most beautiful inside which is completely  baroque  in gold. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos. We also visited another church which was 500 years old and a  church that was gothic in style but instead of gargoyles they had animals like turtles and blue footed boobies.

After the long day we were in need of some retail therapy and so went to a market where we all bought lots of stuff which we bartered for in Spanish. (Edison thanked us for helping the Ecuadorian economy)

I would like to say thankyou to Edison for the brilliant tour of Quito, our driver for keeping us safe, Jonathan green for the advice and our hotel for their great hospitality.

Buenos Noches!