18th October 2010


I am lying on the bed in our hotel writing this after a tiring day in Ecuador. After a good nights sleep in the Posada del maple, we woke up to a breakfast of scrambled eggs (Ecuadorian style), toast, bananas, tea, coffee etc.

During breakfast I managed to use skype on my ipod to phone my mum, my dad and my boyfriend, missing them already, feels like I’ve been away for more than 3 days!
At 9:00 we met Jonathon Green, a photographer, who gave us a photography workshop, and we learnt different techniques for different settings. He is such a good photographer, and for him to say that mine and Jess’s photos are good is a real shock!

Today we also met our guide Edison and our driver Memo who took us on a tour around Quito.
Our first stop was Pims restaurant where we had some amazing food. I had ‘menu 2’ which consisted of a fried corn dumplings stuffed with cheese and a salad (starter), lamb stew with plantains, potatoes, vegetables and a sauce (Main) and Sweet dough balls with a passion fruit sauce with strawberries and cream.

It was so lush!!
After lunch we went to visit the ‘Virgin of Quito statue’ which towered over Quito. There are many stray dogs around but they seem happy enough!
On another note, we also saw a man get mugged (we think)…

Any who… we then visited 7 churches (did not enter all of them!) and it started to thunderstorm with heavy rain and really loud thunder and lightning.
We then visited a market place and I bought a hat for $2 but surprise surprise I turned the corner and there was an even better one, for $4… so I bought it. The last item I bought was an Ecuadorian green jumper as knitwear is in this season.

Tomorrow we are flying to the Galapagos at 8:30 in the morning which should take about 2:30 hours. Once we are there we will see our new hotel, hotel villa laguna.. google it!
Well I’m off to pack for tomorrow and have a shower.
Buenos Noches