Hi, Amy here, ‘party leader’ (my official title!). It all feels slightly surreal that tomorrow I will be meeting up with the rest of the team before we fly off to the Galapagos – after a year of building up to this point, it still hasn’t really sunk in!

Very glad to hear I’m not the only one with packing problems- I might resort to wearing layers of clothes on the flight to reduce what goes into my suitcase.

Really excited about some of the fantastic things we have planned, and Steppes Travel have been really great helping to build our itinerary. We’re hopefully going to be updating the blog as we go, so not only will others be able to see what we’ve been up to, but we can also record our experiences as they happen – capturing the moment!

Must dash, off to get some dollars, the exchange rate seems to be in our favour at the moment.

next blog post will be written in a far sunnier location!