I am Sue, the eldest member of the Galapagos party by a large margin (and being of a certain age I have not thought of blogging before)! I cannot imagine a more fitting retirement event for a biology teacher, made possible by 4 delightful students and the current head of biology, Nick …. and, of course, the Wellcome Trust. I shall be eternally grateful.

I have taught biology for a long time and have mentioned Darwin’s name and the Galapagos Islands every year for the past 37. Now I get to see what all the fuss is about!!  Amazing. Seeing the Darwin artifacts behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum was exciting enough.


Darwin wrote some of those labels!


As for packing … I’ve probably had more time than anyone else but still nowhere near ready! At least I now have a bag to transport my belongings, some dollars to spend and some Immodium!

A scene from the Galapagos - or my front garden?

No -we're not there yet - this is a 'mock up' in my front garden to get me in the mood....