I’m Becky and I’m one of the girls who won the Survival Rivals competition where first prize was a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

6 days to go!

I’m currently bracing myself for the final shopping trip I will make on Saturday before having to pack. I’m not a practical dresser (I don’t even own a proper pair of trainers) and flowery pumps or purple suede boots won’t cut it on volcanic ash paths so shopping/packing is going to be tricky…

Monday was the final meeting with all the organisers before we leave. This meant travelling to London for the day (I live near Cardiff) because the meeting was held in the Natural History Museum. Highlights of the day were, strangely, seeing the specimens of all sorts of species curled up in jars of alcohol and the train journey back. Both highlights but for completely different reasons.

I am on Twitter as well , the only time in life I don’t mind being followed.

Anyway, this was just a starter blog. More will follow in the run up to the trip.